Order Barcode Scanning and Tracking System

Order Barcode Scanning and Tracking System

Project Description

Custom Catch needed to maximize efficiency while increasing visibility into all aspects of its new facility and came to Pell Software to design and create an application customized to optimize its unique workflow. The design streamlines the order fulfillment process including custom product creation and order shipping routines and integrates directly with the Shipstation order and shipping management system.

The system automatically procures orders and allows staff members to easily track and update the orders they are creating and shipping.  Also included are reporting tools to track maker and shipper defects/exceptions.

Major Features

  • Automated customization, scanning, packing and shipping workflows.
  • Tracking of all facility throughput including exceptions.
  • Comprehesive reporting system to track orders, scans, made items, customers and staff productivity in real-time.

Project Details

Client: Custom CatchCustom Catch is a Vermont-based eCommerce Merchant specializing in personalized gifts for babies, pets, special occasions, home and kitchen, and more. Custom Catch had just moved to a larger facility with a higher capacity and reached out to Pell Software to help enable the increased throughput of their business.
DatePhase 1 was completed in November of 2021. Work on Phase 2 featuring enhanced reporting was completed in February 2022.
Keywords & TechnologyCustom Web Development, Azure Hosting & Database Management, Shipstation Integration, Barcode scanner integration, Sendgrid Integration, SaaS Development, Systems Integration, Mobile-Friendly Design, Business Management Application, REST API, JSON API