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Pell Software can provide your growing business with a variety of services when you partner with us for custom software solutions tailored to your organization.

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Pell Software offers a wide range of software solutions and services – tailoring each and every solution to the unique needs of your business. Custom software solutions increase the value of your business while simultaneously improving efficiency and eliminating licensing fees.

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Other Services

At Pell Software, we prioritize helping companies in need of optimizing through our custom application development. However, we also provide other custom software solutions that enable your business to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Consulting and Discovery

Building a truly exceptional custom software solution for your business isn’t something that’s done overnight. To create the perfect solution for you, we go through an extensive consulting and discovery process to determine what problems currently exist with your company’s technical ecosystem.

Once we’ve identified these issues, we work with you to design a tailor-made solution and continue this collaboration throughout the development, testing, and maintenance of your new software or app.

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Business Process Automation

Your employees likely spend a large amount of time performing tedious manual tasks like data entry. These tasks are often time-consuming, outdated, and inefficient; not to mention they often result in clerical errors!

With a custom automation solution by Pell, your business can save time and optimize processes, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks in need of their attention.

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eCommerce Development

Nothing hurts an eCommerce business more than outdated, inefficient software. If you’re dealing with your fair share of errors and bugs daily, Pell Software is here to help.

Our eCommerce development and optimization services strive to streamline processes for your team, while also ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for visitors.

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App Modernization

Many businesses still rely on legacy software applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) due to the historical data they hold and a sense of familiarity.

The problem, though, is that so many of these legacy applications utilize old technology in desperate need of an upgrade. Pell Software offers app modernization services to bring these legacy software applications, and your business, into the modern age.

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SaaS Integrations & Sync Portals

Does your SaaS product suffer from a lack of third-party integrations?

Pell Software develops cutting edge sync portals for SaaS systems provide your product with a user-friendly web portal, branded to match your SaaS platform, where your users can go to sync their third-party applications directly with your system.

Our SaaS sync portals are custom-built for your SaaS product and can be easily maintained and serviced by Pell Software without impacting your primary product roadmap or your existing team’s software development schedule.

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Maintenance and Support

At Pell Software, we focus strongly on building long-term partnerships with our clients and supporting their tailor-made custom software applications for years to come.

We provide high-quality service, fast response times, ongoing maintenance and support, monitoring, security audits, and much more! All of this is part of our custom application development and support services for custom software solutions that we offer to our business partners and clients.

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