Dispatching Dashboard & Event Search

Dispatching Dashboard & Event Search

Project Description

Pell Software worked with Ascent Pro Staffing to create a web portal that would create a more dynamic and efficient workflow for their staff. Due to the nature of their work, APS utilizes multiple softwares that requires their team to switch back and forth too much. With the new web application, via custom API integrations, our development team enabled the APS team to have one easy-to-use system to allow them to more easily complete their day-to-day tasks.

Pell Software developed a fully custom, cloud based, enterprise level workflow management portal that is intended to make each employee’s day to day workload more manageable and organized. We have been working with the APS team over a large period of time, breaking down the project into multiple phases. This has allowed the APS team to have features delivered to them quickly and consistently!

The main functional components of the system are integrating a bulky and non-user-friendly system with the web portal. This client operates a large call center and dispatching team that work around the clock. Therefore, ensuring our engineering team delivered a reliable system and top notch customer service was always of the utmost importance.

Major Features

  • Custom workflow portal with enterprise level functionality.
    • Granular admin controls, permissions and role management, Office 365 Single Sign On integration, and much more to allow Admin users to manage the system and change settings accordingly.
  • API integration with the client’s call management system: Talkdesk.
  • API integration with the client’s ticket management system: Reach24.
  • Within the portal, the APS team is able to easily search for new and existing events.
  • Includes robust searching and filtering including a custom date filter to be sent with all JB Hunt API Incident search requests to ensure only recent requests are sent back.
  • Training environment for all new employees.
    • The system includes a standalone Training Environment to allow the Ascent Pro Staffing team to train new users of the portal using test data and mocking some common scenarios with sample data.

Project Details

Client: Ascent Pro StaffingAscent Pro Support provides business solutions for customer support, recruiting & staffing, onboarding & training, benefits administration, and payroll accounting. Large or small, from Global Top 500 companies to small businesses and startups, Ascent is a trusted partner that manages business support processes, enabling companies to focus on what they do best.
Client Review"Top notch I engaged Martin and his team to take on an urgent, high-visibility project that involved our largest customer. They worked through the weekend and delivered early. Some things that stood out about the Pell team - extremely responsive (I was emailing Martin back and forth late into the night to align at the start of the project), professional, flexible. We don't have any programming expertise in house, but Martin spoke on our level to ensure all parties were aligned. Martin was happy to represent us as our technical resource in conversations with our customer in a professional and appropriate manner. I would 1000% recommend Pell Software and we're already working with them on our next project. "  (full review)
 - Tyler S.

DateWe worked with Ascent Pro Staffing on this portal and improvements From December 2021 to July 2022.
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