Renthos Web Portal

Renthos Web Portal

Project Description

Renthos is a Start-up that is looking to revolutionize the maintenance process for landlords and tenants. The goal is to remove such a large back and forth between those living in the home, landlords and vendors. In this application the tenant can easily text a problem they are having and quickly have a vendor hired to come take care of the problem! This makes the maintenance process easier for everyone involved.

Major Features

  • Multiple user levels and permissions
  • API integration with Twilio that allows users (tenants) to send in pictures and messages of problems they are experiencing with their house/apartment with automated responses
  • Ability to hire vendors through text messaging
  • Ability to pay vendors through the portal
  • PayPal payment gateway integration

Project Details

Client: RenthosA socially driven property maintenance platform for landlords and homeowners, that connects tenants directly with maintenance professionals, and keeps owners informed. shares owner entered preferred maintenance vendors, to create a collective of maintenance professionals that all landlords on our system can use to get maintenance requests handled fast. Owners can automate the hiring process by having the tenant, using text messaging, communicate directly with maintenance professionals about the issue. Maintenance professionals can accept jobs, get property info, communicate with tenants, and bill for work; all with just a sms based smartphone. The owner will stay informed throughout the entire process. Getting text notifications when the vendor is hired, when work is complete, and when the vendor has billed for the job. All while never having to do anything to get the maintenance request taken care of. Tenants will get better communication for a more positive experience, landlords can spend less time hiring maintenance professionals, and vendors get connected directly to the problem without the middleman. All using the method most convenient for everyone involved.
DateWe worked with Renthos on this platform adding features and improving functionality from Q2 of 2022 to present.
Keywords & TechnologyAPI Integration, Custom Software Development, Custom Plugin Development, Azure, SQL Database, .NET, C#, Twilio, Twilio API, API Development, Automation, Text Messaging Automation, Automated Workflow, PayPal, Paypal Integration, Payment Gateway