Application Partnerships, Maintenance & Support

Pell Software is your partner for the long haul. We stand by the custom solutions that we deliver and stay with you as your needs change.

Our Software Application Maintenance and Support Services

Our primary goal at Pell Software is to build long-lasting, authentic partnerships with our clients by getting to know you and your business and collaborating directly between our software engineers and your stakeholders. This intimate knowledge of your organization allows us to provide unparalleled support and build lasting partnerships throughout the maintenance phase of your project.

Maintenance and support is most often where custom business software projects fail because of a breakdown in communication, prioritization and partnership. At Pell Software, we recognize that the maintenance phase is not only the single longest phase of any software project, but it’s also the most prone to miscommunication due to the steady stream of change requests and improvements over time.

Pell Software’s dedication to partnerships means you can rely on the custom business software and applications we deliver for years to come. Our custom software and application maintenance and support services are indispensable for companies that prioritize keeping their software and applications up to date.

Best-In-Class Partnership & Maintenance Packages

Every software project is as unique as the businesses we build them for. That’s why we custom-tailor our service packages to fit the needs of our clients and their software systems to make sure you get the best value possible.

24/7 Monitoring

Uptime & Resource Monitoring

Automated alerts and monitoring to ensure your system is stable and running smoothly so that your business can operate efficiently

Direct Human Support

100% US-Based Experts

We abhor the idea of chat-bots and automated replies. When you contact Pell, you’ll be in direct contact with the US-based experts on your project

Expedited Response Time

Urgent Responses to Issue

Our team will instantly escelate support requests for urgent issues related to your software system to ensure your team doesn’t miss a beat

Monthly System Audits

Proactive System Health Checks

Like a check-up for your vehicle, our software engineers perform monthly audits on your system to ensure it’s secure, stable and there are no underlying issues.

Static Code Analysis

Automated System Security

Static code analysis ensures your software systems are secure and up-to-date so you can rest assured that your business is safe and working efficiently.

Collaboration Portal

Client-to-Engineer Collaboration

Access to our Project Collaboration Portal to give you direct insight into your project status, budget, timeline and to communicate directly with our software developers

Choose Us to Deliver Software and Application Maintenance and Support Services

The custom business software and applications that Pell Software can provide to your company should work seamlessly from the start. Plan to keep things this way by scheduling software and application maintenance and support.

From updating your software and applications as needed to addressing any questions and concerns you may have, our top-rated team will be there for you at every turn.