Legacy Application Modernization

Is your company held back by outdated legacy software applications? Pell Software can help pave the way to a new era of productivity!

Our Legacy Application Modernization Service

Does your organization use legacy software applications, such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), project management systems or business operations platforms? If your business uses legacy software systems, then you know that these systems can be critical to your business operations as they capture important data that is essential for your workflows.

However, these legacy applications can be slow, outdated and buggy! Not to mention, they aren’t typically customized for your specific needs. Furthermore, their proprietary architectures can make it challenging to access the data stored in them. This is where Pell Software and our legacy application modernization can help!

When you take advantage of the solutions that our 100% US-based software engineers provide, you can rebuild and modernize your legacy software applications and transform how you leverage your company’s data. Pell Software’s enterprise application modernization services will enable you to migrate data and synchronize it with the modern systems your employees use daily. It will empower them to use data more effectively and unify your organization as a whole, eliminating clunky old software systems and replacing them with fast, efficient, secure and stable applications—custom built for you!

How it Works

For organization that rely on old software, updating your system can dramatically improve your team’s efficiency and unlock new workflows


Fast, Secure & Accessible

Leverage the scalability of modern cloud environments like Azure and AWS to improve accessibility and usability of your apps


Offline Capable & Cross-platform

Mobile-first business apps are designed to keep your team connected and productive in the field for data entry tasks


Integration & Reporting

Modern data integrations and API integrations enable your organization to streamline operations and gain valuable insights into your data

Why You Can Count On Us for Enterprise Application Modernization

Pell Software’s talented team of custom business software experts can provide you with the best legacy application modernization services. Whether you routinely use a single legacy application or utilize several, we’ll make sure your software is secure, up-to-date and enables you to leverage your data to work for you and your business.

We have extensive experience when it comes to working with a wide range of legacy applications. We also use the latest technology to update legacy applications to maximize your organization’s security, accessibility, data utilization and efficiency. At Pell Software, we treat our clients like family by getting to know you and your business first and foremost. Then, we go to work to deliver exactly what you need out of your software via application modernization services. Start making your data more accessible and keep it secure by contacting us today!