Digital Signage SaaS Application

Digital Signage SaaS Application

Project Description

A custom mobile-friendly web application that manages a multi-tenant based digital signage system. The system integrates directly with our clients’ custom built FileMaker CRM and allows their users to register, manage their account and login credentials, view, customize and display digital signs using a wide array of settings and configurations. Data is seamlessly integrated with FileMaker via a secure web-based API to integrate customer account data, account statuses, sign data, and much more!

Major Features

  • Seamlessly integrate with our clients’ custom FileMaker CRM to pull client account, settings and sign data.
  • Allow users to register, login, reset passwords and manage signs on a mobile-friendly custom web application.
  • Support for dozens of sign configurations, backgrounds, fonts, display ratios and more!
  • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment to support thousands of concurrent users, signs, accounts and more.

Project Details

Client: Digital Funeral Services Digital Funeral Services offers services for funeral homes and funeral directors ranging from digital signage to digital kiosks, thank you card printing and registration book customization and printing.
DateThis project was completed in June, 2019.
Keywords & TechnologyWeb Development, Software as a Service, FileMaker, Digital Sign, ASP.NET MVC, C#, REST API, JSON API, ASP.NET Core, Systems Integration, Mobile friendly web design