Custom WordPress City Data Widgets

Custom WordPress City Data Widgets

Project Description

A custom WordPress plugin that adds city data widgets to dynamically display region/location data including average and current weather data, popular places to eat, popular tourist attractions, demographic data and school data. The widgets are used to add search engine friendly data to city-specific pages to increase organic search traffic and provide the end user with pertinent information regarding the location they are viewing.

Major Features

  • Embedded as a WordPress shortcode/widget to display dynamic content based on the city/location entered into the shortcode/widget instance.
  • Dynamically display data pulled from various APIs.
  • Display in a mobile friendly manner and allow for dynamic styling of the widget to seamlessly fit into many different website layouts and themes.

Project Details

Client: Mover Search Marketing Mover Search Marketing specializes in SEO and digital marketing for moving companies across the United States. With decades of experience in the industry Bryan Bloom and his team understand the marketplace and provide their clients with unrivaled expertise to help expand, grow and optimize their clients’ businesses.
Client Review"We have used Martin numerous times on many different projects with many different clients. We are an agency so have needs that span far and wide. Martin is an expert on API's, their use, implementation and then all the coding required to make sure they work correctly. Can't say enough about his work and working with him, he is truly a pro and goes beyond and above what our needs are. Can recommend him without reservation for your project, we also use him for other things he is an expert in, and there are quite a few."  (full review)
 - Bryan Bloom

DateWe completed development of this custom plugin in Q4 of 2018.
Keywords & TechnologyCustom WordPress Plugin, WordPress Widget, Google Places API, Yelp API, OpenWeather API, Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design, REST API, JSON API, System Integration, API Integration