Custom eCommerce Website Maintenance & Updates

Custom eCommerce Website Maintenance & Updates

Project Description

eQuilter owner and co-founder Paul Rubin came to Pell Software seeking assistance with their home-grown custom PHP eCommerce website. They were first and foremost working on updating the PHP version that their eCommerce application runs on from PHP version 5.4 to 7 and Pell Software assisted them in handling errors and warnings that surfaced due to the update. Pell Software then continued to support and maintain the website, adding new features and improvements throughout the site.

Major Features

  • Update code throughout the PHP application to address warnings and errors caused as a result of the update to PHP version 7.
  • Add dynamic structured data elements to the product pages to serve as Google rich snippets to begin listing the products on Google Shopping.
  • Update product page design and layout to fix CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) issues and improve SEO via Mobile Core Web Vitals scores.

Project Details

Client: eQuilter.comThe eQuilter 15,000 sq ft warehouse is located in Boulder, Colorado. eQuilter has a huge selection of high quality quilt fabrics and sewing supplies, with over 16,000 products online and in stock.
Client Review"It was a successful engagement. Pell Software worked closely with the client, communicating regularly in order to manage and complete tasks as efficiently as possible. The team's knowledge and technical expertise stood out from the project. Would highly recommend!"  (full review)
 - Claire Johns- Owner, VP & Director for Development, Textile Company

DatePell Software started working with eQuilter in May of 2021 and continued for the following several months to maintain, support and improve the eCommerce website.
Keywords & TechnologyPHP, MySQL, eCommerce, Custom eCommerce, Custom PHP Application, Google Shopping, Rich Snippets, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Core Web Vitals