Coins, SQL, FieldFlo System Integration

Coins, SQL, FieldFlo System Integration

Project Description

A custom systems integration between Coins database tables, a custom home-grown project management system hosted on Azure SQL and FieldFlo- a cloud based SaaS time tracking system for construction and field workers.

Major Features

  • Automatically sync employees, project, project phase, customer data from the custom Coins-based SQL database hosted on Azure
  • Data transformation and organization “mid-air” to ensure data is matched and assigned appropriately as it is updated and inserted into the FieldFlo API.

Project Details

Client: Gagnon Inc. Gagnon is a specialized industrial contractor that provides dependable, high quality refractory, insulation, scaffolding and fireproofing services.
DateWe started working on this application in Q1 of 2021 and continued working with Gagnon to extend and improve this system through the remainder of 2021.
Keywords & TechnologyCoins Integration, Azure Integration, SQL, API Integration, Systems Integration, FieldFlo, C#, ASP.NET, Azure, JSON API, Web API