API Report Automation Utility

API Report Automation Utility

Project Description

A custom .NET Core application that runs on a scheduled task to automatically download data from the Black Diamond Wealth Platform API and securely move the data to a destination on the local network. The routine is scheduled to run via a Windows Scheduled Task and begins by authenticating against the Black Diamond API. It then issues a request to instruct the API to begin generating the data report. Generating this custom business data report takes the Black Diamond system around 15 minutes. During this time the application we developed queries the API periodically to check for completion of the report generation. Once the report is marked as completed the application downloads the report, formats it according to specifications, and moves the data file to the appropriate destination on a file server on the local network.

Major Features

  • Automatically authenticates with the API, requests a valid token as needed to facilitate the retrieval of wealth management portfolio reports.
  • Runs on scheduled tasks multiple times per day to generate the reporting data.
  • Securely manages encrypted API account credentials
  • Downloads the resulting data, saves it to the local drive specified in the configuration file.

Project Details

Client: Annex Wealth ManagementAnnex Wealth Management delivers comprehensive, custom-tailored wealth management services to each client. Our fiduciary commitment and fee-only compensation help nurture a relationship rooted in trust.
DateThis project started on 9/20/2021 and was completed on 10/7/2021
Keywords & TechnologyData automation, Internal Business Automation, BlackDiamond Wealth API, API, Automation, API report generation, .NET Core, Windows scheduled task, API Integration, Systems Integration