AMS / Sage Intacct Integration

AMS / Sage Intacct Integration

Project Description

Pell Software developed an automatic integration routine for The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography’s AMS system to Sage Intacct. This integration takes invoices from the AMS and routinely imports them to Sage Intacct, saving the accounting teams on both sides countless hours. The routine has certain checks and balances to ensure duplicate invoices are not made, rather updated so the data is always up to date.

Major Features

  • Automated integration routine that runs on a set timer.
  • Transforming data to fit the correct format in each system.
  • Stores data in a secure database.
  • Creates new Journal Entries and updates existing ones when needed ensuring data is always up to date

Project Details

Client: Society of Cardiovascular Computed TomographySCCT is a community of physicians, scientists and technologists advocating for research, education and clinical excellence in the use of cardiovascular CT. They provide resources to their members in the form of medical journal subscriptions, events, and more. They also sell services/products to their members and others in the medical industry, though most of their revenue comes from subscriptions/memberships.
DateWe’ve been working with SCCT since 2022 and built this integration for them in Q2 of 2023.
Keywords & TechnologyAPI, API configuration, API integration, Data migration, Integration, AMS, Sage Intacct, Sage Intacct Integration, Azure functions, SQL, database, Integration routine, .NET, C#, Custom Software Development