TradeGecko / 3PL Sync

TradeGecko / 3PL Sync

Project Description

A custom “headless” systems integration which syncs data between multiple TradeGecko and third party logistics accounts to seamlessly manage fulfillment creation, RMAs, purchase orders, customers, address data and much more

Major Features

  • Automatically sync sales order shipment data between TradeGecko and multiple third party logistics warehouses.
  • Sync shipping and tracking information in both directions to account for cancelled orders, address updates, customer information and much more.
  • Provide an easy to use debug console with a web based interface so our client can easily manage and view data transactions from anywhere in the world.

Project Details

Client: ERS Ventures ERS Ventures is a wholesale and retail beauty supply distributor that distributes beauty products all over the world with major clients such as Kroger, Target, Nordstrom and CVS. ERS’s brands are currently being retailed and distributed in North-America, South-America, Asia, Oceania and Europe and can be found across close to 70 online retailers and in well over 50000 physical stores.
Client Review"Pell Software is extremely organized Pell Software is extremely organized, professional and communicates very clearly. We've been very content with their work for ERS Ventures so far. They've built multiple integrations for us and always kept all stakeholders on track for efficient results. I highly recommend working with them."  (full review)
 - Quinn Roukema

DateWe’ve been working with ERS Ventures since 2018 on custom systems integrations to help them manage their growing work-load. This specific project was started in the fall of 2019 and has continued to grow and evolve with the ERS Ventures business ever since.
Keywords & TechnologyPHP, REST API, MySQL, JSON API, Systems Integration, TradeGecko, DCL Logistics, Custom User Interface