Kickserv / MyHelpDesk Auto-Migration

Kickserv / MyHelpDesk Auto-Migration

Project Description

A custom Windows desktop application to automatically sync and migrate hundreds of thousands of records including customer, quote, project and invoice data from our client’s legacy Kickserv account to their new MyHelpDesk system.

Major Features

  • Automatically sync invoice, customer, quote and project data from Kickserv to MyHelpDesk via the provided APIs.
  • Transform, format and map data between the two systems to ensure each entity is assigned the correct relationships once entered into the new system.

Project Details

Client: Atlas Security ServicesAtlas Security Services is a full service security solution serving medium to large sized businesses and government agencies. They provided 24/7 security staffing and security equipment installation and monitoring for their clients.
DateThis project was completed in February of 2019.
Keywords & TechnologyASP.NET WinForms, C#, REST API, JSON API, Kickserv API, MyHelpDesk, Desktop Software, Systems Integration, Custom User Interface