Internal Sales Management Software / Cosential Integration

Internal Sales Management Software / Cosential Integration

Project Description

Our client came to us with the hopes of improving their internal sales management platform that is used to track estimates, proposals and project sales. We helped improve it by integrating it directly into other in-house systems they use for project management as well as integrating it with Cosential, a web based commercial project CRM solution.

Major Features

  • Seamlessly integrate estimate and proposal data into the client’s Cosential CRM account, syncing new proposals in both systems and updating proposals and opportunities as they are edited.
  • Load live data from our clients’ internal SQL server to allow users access to the most up to date data when creating and updating estimates and proposals in their in-house system.

Project Details

Client: Building & Earth Sciences, IncBuilding & Earth is a Professional Engineering firm, specializing in Geotechnical Engineering, CMT Testing, Special Inspections and Environmental Consulting. We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by our dedication to building client relationships through responsive service and tailored solutions.
Client Review"I feel very lucky to have Martin working as part of our team. Although thiss project has been completed successfully, we will continue to us Martin as a resource. He is very knowledgeable for databases, API development, HTML, php, and Java. I have especially enjoyed working with Martin because of his professionalism, timelessness, articulate communication skills, and willingness to troubleshoot issues until they are resolved. I absolutely recommend hiring Martin for anyone wanting to develop APIs and database driven applications. "
DateWe completed this work in August of 2017 and have been brought in periodically to help maintain and consult on additional changes and additions.
Keywords & TechnologyWeb Development, Systems Integration, Cosential, API Development, MSSQL, PHP, Business Management Applications, REST API, JSON API