Construction Project Management System Maintenance

Project Description

GH Phipps came to us in June of 2021 looking for a development partner / RADD team to help them fix some issues with their existing, custom project management system. They needed to add additional functionality to their system and resolve some underlying issues with the way their system was originally built. Pell Software worked to quickly learn the system, code and environment and was able to quickly resolve issues left by the previous developers and add the required functionality as requested by the client.

Major Features

  • Custom ASP.NET C# web-based application that acts as a central hub for managing projects and project key-players (managers, directors, etc.)
  • Stores data for project settings and automatically integrates with third-party systems including Sharepoint and Tempus to enter, update and synchronize data between all systems
  • Maintenance work included adding new features and capabilities to the project management portal, fixing bugs and issues created from the previous developers and enhancing integration functionality.

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