Cloud-based Business Management Platform

Project Description

A custom cloud-based web application designed to manage our client’s nation-wide car relocation business with over 5,000 employees and $25M in annual revenue. The system manages everything from customers to employees, quotes to orders and invoices, reporting, dashboards, alerts and more. It also contains a fully-featured mobile application built on PWA technology to allow for drivers to remotely enter data in the field and sync back to the order management system and eventually invoices and the accounting platform.

Pell Software developed a fully custom, cloud-based, enterprise-level business management platform to support thousands of users on a daily basis including employees, admins and managers. The system manages $30M+ in annual revenue including quotes, orders, customers, invoicing, payroll and custom reporting.

Since launch, this system has been consistently maintained and enhanced by Pell Software to support numerous new revenue streams for the client including the management of Service Orders, Transportation Orders, Hauling Orders, EDI Orders and more…

Orders are placed via a Customer Portal, where customers can securely log in and request new orders. Customers can then track the progress of their orders via automated alerts while managers facilitate the fulfillment of the order via the admin interface. Once orders are complete, they roll up into numerous reports and are eventually automatically invoiced, emailed and synced to the QuickBooks Online accounting platform. 

Major Features

  • Securely stores sensitive accounting data, employee data (SSN, EIN, DL#, etc.) and customer payment information.
  • Realtime data integrations with Google Maps, QuickBooks, Google Geo Locations and CarMax.
  • Secure, stable, scalable solution built on Microsoft Azure Cloud using ASP.NET C# technology to support thousands of users.
  • Built-in PWA mobile app for employee data entry in the field.
  • Custom reports, dashboards and workflows available to different users throughout the system based on location, role and employee type.
  • Manages customers, employees, quotes, order, invoices, inventory, vehicles, rates and much more.
  • Automatically generates a wide array of reports to help analyze the overall business performance and key metrics.
  • Sync invoice data to QuickBooks Online and back to the system to ensure payment and overdue invoices are visible for reporting purposes.
  • Allow employees to use the mobile app to log their work, track their past work and automatically get paid for their time.

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