BigCommerce Shipment Integration

BigCommerce Shipment Integration

Project Description

A custom headless systems integration between BigCommerce and MyUS to send international shipment and order data to MyUS, updating tracking information in BigCommerce and support cancelled, adjusted and refunded orders.

Major Features

  • Automatically sync international shipment data from BigCommerce to the third party shipping provider MyUS.
  • Update tracking information in BigCommerce to alert customers that their orders have shipped when such updates occur within MyUS.
  • Seamlessly handle cancellations, refunds and order adjustments that happen in BigCommerce to notify MyUS of order changes.

Project Details

Client: StatesideStateside created to streamline the ordering and tracking process for friends and family that want to purchase products otherwise only found in the United States. In 2020 we ship to over 220 countries and have over 9,000 high-quality products available (and growing!) and we just launched our new customer experience (including product reviews!).
DateWe started working on this application in Q4 of 2019 and continued working with Stateside to improve and expand upon it throughout 2020.
Keywords & TechnologyBigCommerce Integration, BigCommerce API, eCommerce Systems Integration, API Development, Custom Shipment Management, JSON API, PHP, XML API, Systems Integration