Systems Integrations

Learn more about our systems integrations and some past solutions we've built...

Systems Integrations Expand Capabilities

We are systems integrations experts.

Systems integrations are like the power-grid, often unthought-of and yet completely indispensable. They're constantly working behind the scenes to streamline data and facilitate all of the functionality you need to run your business.

Integrating your systems allows your business to leverage the capabilities of each individual system while working with a single cross-platform data set. Ensuring your data is up to date and accurate across all programs means you benefit from the functionality of each integrated system while never having to migrate or adjust data manually.

Data Migration Application

Desktop monitor showing custom data migration application built by Pell Software
Client: Atlas Security
Technology: Windows Desktop Software / API Integration

Migrating data from a legacy system to a new system is time consuming and tedious. The process usually involves a lot of manual work, which is why we built this application to help our client quickly and easily migrate their data without the manual labor of sifting through thousands of records by hand.

The application showcased here was built to efficiently migrate data from a legacy system into a newer system. An easy to use GUI provides live data results and allows the user to track the current progress of the application and easily resolve any data discrepancies before they make their way into the new system.

Continuous Data Synchronization

Graphic of cloud based servers migrating data between Tradegecko and DCL Logistics data centers
Client: ERS Ventures
Technology: Automated Middleware / Web Based API

Continuous data synchronizations are the constantly turning wheel of an efficient business; continually loading, transforming and migrating data between systems. The system we built for ERS Ventures allows them to seamlessly enter data into their TradeGecko account and rest assured that the orders will be automatically imported to all of their many international warehouse systems. It also syncs shipment and inventory data from each warehouse to ensure stock and shipment information is constantly up to date in all systems.

Building a continuous data synchronization requires a keen eye for detail that only comes with years of experience working in this industry. In a system that runs nonstop every sixty seconds any unexpected or missing data can wreak havoc if unaccounted for. Our experience in this field means we know what it takes to ensure all bases are covered and the end result is a stable, reliable and secure integration.

Data Sync Application

Custom QuickBooks data sync desktop application built by Pell Software shown on monitor
Client: FieldFlo
Technology: Windows Desktop Software / API Integration

Providing secure access to your company's data can be a challenging problem to solve. The project showcased here is a custom Windows application that syncs data between QuickBooks Desktop and FieldFlo's web based API.

This application automatically syncs time sheet data, employees, clients, projects and payroll items between the two systems. Each company has different payroll and invoicing needs, so we've built in dozens of configuration options and work flows that allow it to seamlessly adapt to many different QuickBooks configurations.

Marketing Data Synchronization

Graphic showing clouds syncing data between SharpSpring and MINDBODY Online data centers
Client: Ty Austin Marketing
Technology: Automated Middleware / API Integration

Digital marketing is an extremely competitive industry and to stay ahead of the curve you need to work quickly and efficiently. This was the goal when we designed and built this data sync for our client, Ty Austin Marketing. They needed a sure-fire way to migrate new leads through multiple systems without having to manually enter or manipulate data and that's exactly what this application does for them.

This application has been running continuously for multiple years without an issue thanks to our expertise and detailed approach. Experience is critical when designing and building an application that is expected to run so frequently and for such a duration. We're experts in this field and we have the expertise and skills required to build stable, reliable and secure integrations that you can rely on for years to come.