Custom Business Software

Learn more about some of our past projects in custom business application development...

Custom Software Enables Efficient Operations

We are custom software experts.

Your business is unique and to run efficient daily operations you need a piece of software built specifically for your business. There's simply no substitute for a professionally designed application tailor made for your business.

Whether you need a flexible web application, custom mobile app or robust Windows desktop software we got you covered! Tired of changing software packages as your business grows and evolves? It's time to invest in a piece a software to grow and evolve with your business!

QuickBooks Data Sync

Desktop monitor showing custom Windows Desktop software developed by Pell Software
Client: FieldFlo
Technology: Windows Desktop Software

Windows Desktop software is robust, secure and nearly limitless in its capabilities. The project showcased here is a custom Windows application that syncs data between QuickBooks Desktop and FieldFlo's web based API.

This application automatically syncs time sheet data, employees, clients, projects and payroll items between the two systems. Each company has different payroll and invoicing needs, so we've built in dozens of configuration options and work flows that allow it to seamlessly adapt to many different QuickBooks configurations.

Business Management Application

Laptop showing custom web application developed by Pell Software
Client: VRS Transport
Technology: Custom Web Application

Out of the box CRM and ERP systems only take you so far. When your business has unique requirements the best way to manage your daily operations is a custom tailored application like the one shown here that we built for VRS Transport.

This application has an extensive feature-set, it handles everything from managing employees to creating estimates and tracking orders and invoices. Custom reporting and dashboard tools allow managers to stay on top of outstanding payments, track company resources and analyze current trends.

Data Migration Application

Laptop showing custom data migration application built by Pell Software
Client: Atlas Security
Technology: Windows Desktop Software / API Integration

Migrating data from a legacy system to a new system is time-consuming and tedious. The process usually involves a lot of manual work, which is why we built this application to help our client quickly and easily migrate their data without the manual labor of sifting through thousands of records by hand.

The application showcased here was built to efficiently migrate data from a legacy system into a newer system. An easy to use GUI provides live data results and allows the user to track the current progress of the application and easily resolve any data discrepancies before they make their way into the new system.

Online Registration Form

Laptop showing custom web application built by Pell Software
Client: Chicago Human Rhythm Project
Technology: API Integration & Web Form

Our example here shows a custom form we designed for our client, Chicago Tap. Chicago Tap has been a client since 2015 when they first came to him with the need to build a fully custom, PCI-Compliant course registration form.

The form allows Chicago Tap's students to view the calendar of events, select the courses they wish to attend as well as make additional purchases such as t shirts and festival tickets. It's a single page application which accepts the user's payment information and processes the submission via a third party API; MINDBODY Online.

Driver Run Mobile App

Phone showing Progressive Web Application developed by Pell Software Phone showing Progressive Web Application developed by Pell Software
Client: VRS Transport
Technology: Mobile App / Progressive Web Application

The Progressive Web App that we built for our client VRS Transport is a great example of this new technology. VRS has been a client since 2015 and is a valued customer of Pell Software.

VRS Transport needed a mobile application for their employees to use to log their driving data with. It needed to be responsive, run fast and smooth on all devices and most importantly function completely offline. The solution was to build them a Progressive Web App as shown here in the scrolling images.

Digital Signage SaaS

Desktop monitor showing custom SaaS application developed by Pell Software
Client: Digital Funeral Services
Technology: Custom Web Application

Software as a Service, or SaaS as it's commonly known, is the business model with a proven track record of success. The example shown here is a fully-featured SaaS application that we built for a client of ours, Digital Funeral Services.

This application allows funeral directors to subscribe to the service and easily create digital signs for their funerals and wakes and display them on the funeral home televisions. Data is imported from a third-party database and dozens of digital sign templates and styles are made available to suit the need of each funeral.