What is Workflow Management Software?

by Martin Pellicore
What is Workflow Management Software?

Business Workflow Management Software is reinventing the way emerging companies handle the workflows that make them unique.

What is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow Management Software, sometimes referred to as business utility software, workflow software, operations software, and more; is a collection of software services, screens, forms and/or reports that manage a unique process within a business.

In practice this often manifests as a cloud-based web application. Mobile-friendly, offline capable, secure and accessible from everywhere in the world – web applications dominate the workflow management software landscape. However, many workflow management systems also incorporate desktop components, native mobile apps, or distributed back-end systems without a user-interface at all.

For example: imagine you run a custom dog grooming shop where your customers choose crazy hairstyles for their dogs based on the hottest celebrity trends. You’re currently managing orders, hairstyle photos and invoices manually via email. It’s tedious and it makes it impossible to scale your business.

Instead, a custom workflow management solution can provide for a web portal that allows your customers to place orders, upload hairstyle photos and automatically curates their order to the staff member who is working that day. Your staff members upload photos which notifies the client via SMS/email and when the order is complete the customer and invoice are automatically recorded in your QuickBooks Online account and your customer is sent an invoice!

Image the potential for integrating such a system with automatic email reminders, marketing campaigns, CRM systems, powerful reporting tools, and more!

Why Do I Care About Custom Workflow Software?

You’re business may be losing money and hindering growth by forcing your workflows and processes into the model established by “big-box” software solutions. A custom solution affords you the opportunity to work the way that makes sense for you and your business which allows you to grow, unstifled by the restraints of your current software solutions.

As a business you’re success lies in your ability to work efficiently, custom software is the key to growing sustainably and without hindrance!

With today’s technology it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to develop custom software solutions to fit your exact needs, save you time and money and help your business flourish!

What Should I Do About It?

You should explore augmenting or replacing your existing software solutions with a custom solution that molds to your process and workflow instead of the other way around. At the end of the day your business and employees will thank you because your daily tasks will be more intuitive and get done quicker.

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