What is Data Automation?

by Martin Pellicore
What is Data Automation?

“Data automation & systems integrations are trending, giving companies the upper hand in operational efficiency.”

What is Data Automation?

Data Automation is the process of automatically moving, transforming or otherwise changing data in a specific way to improve your business.

In practice this often means integrating third-party systems via an API integration; say- a legacy ERP system with a new cloud CRM system. It can sometimes mean reporting on data by automatically creating new views, pivot tables or lookup tables to view your data in a new way and gain critical insights into your business performance.

For example, imagine you have a CRM system like HubSpot that manages your leads and customers. When a lead turns into a customer in HubSpot you would want that customer to be entered into your accounting platform, say QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Online, automatically.

Data Automation procedures are what do this for you. They can automatically listen for events or changes in data in one system and add, update or otherwise alter data in an array of third-party systems, effectively linking them together and making your business run smarter!

Ultimately, the process of transforming data in a way that helps your business scale, grow or increase efficiency, is the definition of Data Automation.

Why Do I Care About Data Automation?

You care because your business is losing out on potential profit margin or growth by continuing to do things manually, or not do them at all.

If you’re entering the same data into multiple different systems you’re doing it wrong!

It’s likely that your business uses multiple systems throughout your daily operations: an accounting system, an ERP, maybe a separate project management system (or two!)… And it’s very likely that someone is manually entering data into some or all of these systems. This isn’t necessary anymore!

1. Reduce or eliminate manual data entry overhead.
2. Eliminate data entry errors.
3. Automatically process complex calculations or data transformations.
4. Gain live insight into your data in all systems without waiting for someone to manually update something!

A systems integration can automatically migrate and sync your data between all of your systems in real time!

What Should I Do About It?

You should explore building a data automation routine to minimize your overhead, reduce risk of error and ultimately improve the bottom line of your business. Not to mention, no one enjoys tedious data entry tasks! You will improve the daily work-life of yourself and your employees by removing this tedious work from your schedule!

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We would love to learn more about your business! We’re confident we can help you improve your daily operations and increase your margin by automating and integrating your systems!

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