Using Progressive Web Applications to Grow Your Business

by Hilary Kanuch
Using Progressive Web Applications to Grow Your Business

In 2019, there are almost 30 million small businesses functioning in the U.S., and with that number continuing to grow, many small business owners are asking themselves the same question – how do I get consumers to engage with my business? This is especially so for companies that only function online. Once you drive consumers to your site, how do you get them to stay a while, and better yet, to take action? Market trends continue to show that intuitive, high-functioning websites keep users engaged.

At Pell Software, we believe original, handcrafted software is the best way to grow your business and improve your daily operations. One of the ways we do this is by using progressive web applications. We know that there is a very small window to grab the attention of a customer. The likelihood of customer engagement decreases the more steps they must take and obstacles they must face in order to interact with your content, such as additional downloads. A progressive web application provides users with the benefits of an app, with the convenience and flexibility of a website.

In a traditional website experience, users have to actively seek out a website every time they are looking to engage with the company. However, progressive web applications provide users with the option to save the website to their phone, similar to an app, without having to go through an application platform such as The Apple Store or Google Play. This not only increases user engagement with the site, but also decreases the page’s bounce rate (the time the user spends on a page) as well. Progressive web applications are designed to work regardless of a users phone brand, platform, and web browser, making it easy for users to stay engaged with your business.

Pell Software specializes in creating progressive web applications that are tailored to each particular business and the goals of their website. The customized user experience and collaborative approach with business owners allows us to create, overhaul, and make live-updates to websites with limited interruptions for companies. Our goal is to create a comprehensive experience for business owners and customers alike to ensure increased satisfaction for everyone involved. Interested in learning more about how Pell Software can help grow your business and increase user engagement? Send us an email at,

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