How and Why You Should Integrate your ERP

Systems integrations are an ever-growing trend in business these days, and if your data isn’t synced across your third-party systems, your business is losing out on valuable time and money.

As a business, your ERP is a central hub for all resource allocation, project planning and even accounting tasks critical to your businesses success. However, it’s often not the only cog in the machine, and it’s important to make sure your data is synchronized to keep the gears running smoothly.

Why ERP Integration is Important

ERPs, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, systems are an essential piece of technology in today’s business world. With more and more work being done remotely, it’s increasingly important that your ERP houses all of the most up-to-date information so that your employees can access the data they need when they need it. Therefore, integrating your ERP with your other applications, platforms and systems is critical to an efficient working environment.

ERPs come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, to some extent, the term “ERP” has been redefined many times to fit many different purposes and feature sets. Whichever ERP your business uses, and whichever modules you find most crucial to your business, integrating your data can be an extremely beneficial way to scale your business.

Think about a basketball team trying to run practice when everyone is looking at a different playbook. If your data is synchronized you risk (at best) inefficiencies and (at worst) legal issues or client-facing errors. It’s becoming increasing important to sync data between your ERP, such as Netsuite or Intacct, and your third-party systems via an API integration.

Questions to Help Gauge Your Position

  1. When an invoice is confirmed in the field, or processed on your POS system, is it automatically integrated with your ERP?
  2. When a new product or service is added to your catalog, how many systems do you need to manually type it into?
  3. Have you ever discovered discrepancies in the data that you track across multiple systems? SKU numbers, inventory levels, etc.?
  4. Could your staff be more productive if all of your systems pulled data from a single, consistent, data set?
  5. Do you have workflows that require work throughout multiple applications, for example your ERP and your project management or accounting system?

If your answers to the above questions are less than ideal, you’re probably doing a lot more work than you need to be! The answer is to integrate your data across all of your systems, streamlining data entry and data consumption and ensuring data integrity throughout your business. Systems integrations are an ever-growing trend in business these days, and if your data isn’t synced across your third-party systems, your business is losing out on valuable time and money.

Pell Software is a US-based team of Data Integration Experts

Pell Software can help integration your ERP with your third-party systems to increase data integrity and visibility across your entire team. Pell Software is a 100% US based team of data integration experts from Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois. We have developed custom integrations for ERPs including Netsuite, Acumatica and Sage Intacct. We have also developed data integration solutions and API integrations for Sage 100, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Brightpearl, as well as many others…

Not only does our team have the technical expertise to design a robust solution, we have the development experience necessary to implement, support and maintain your integration solution for the long run. We build custom middleware and API integrations on a daily basis, and our team of experts have designed and developed hundreds of integrations with ERPs such as Netsuite and Acumatica. Working with a US based team of software engineering experts means you don’t leave anything to chance, you will only get the highest quality solution possible and you will end up with a robust, stable, secure and adaptable solution for years to come!

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