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They make delicious cookies! But tasteless software...

We believe original handcrafted software is the best way to grow your business and improve your daily operations

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Broad Skills Deliver Specialized Solutions

We believe unique problems require unique solutions. We don't try to build every software solution using the same technology. Our software engineers are experienced in a multitude of technologies which allows us to deliver a solution that best fits the exact needs of your business.

Years of Proven Client Success!

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“Martin took care of our needs and went above and beyond what was needed for our project. He stuck with the timeframe that was given at the beginning of the project and made sure that the project was done the best way possible. Overall, Martin cared about us as a client and did a fabulous job.”

"We have been working with Pell Software continuously for a year now and can credit the team over there with creating the entire sync capabilities from our web application to QuickBooks. The team at Pellsoftware has been a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly professional, talented, responsive and deliver on time. Thank you!"

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Roni Szigeti


CEO & Co-Founder, FieldFlo

"Martin indeed is an expert. He is a pleasure to work with, has excellent communication skills and knows what he is doing. I would happily work with him again!"

Great Software Comes in Many Sizes!

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Web development companies think you need a website solution. Desktop programmers think you need a desktop app. And mobile app developers want to build you an Android/iOS app... We understand there isn't a single solution that fits everyone's needs. That's why when you work with Pell you'll get software that fits to your problems, not our business model!

  • Cutting edge Progressive Web App development to replace outdated native mobile apps

  • Responsive business & eCommerce web applications

  • Systems integrations ensuring your data is safe, accessible and working for you

  • Native Windows desktop applications to optimize your business operations

Tired of one-size-fits-all software?
Truly great software comes in many shapes & sizes!

Pell is a 100% US BASED COMPANY designed from the ground up by a handpicked team of EXPERT SOFTWARE ENGINEERS to work on a PERSONAL level with our clients to build SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE for businesses that struggle with "One-Size-Fits-All" software solutions.

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Expert Engineering

Simply put, our engineers have mastered the technical aspect of custom software development. We have decades of experience, thousands of projects completed and hundreds of happy clients.

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Intimate & Personal

Our engineers work directly with your team on a personal level. The result is a more efficient (and quite frankly a more pleasurable) development process from start to finish.

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Specialized Software

You've outgrown the spreadsheets, moved on from your archaic legacy software and none of the big box solutions seem to fit your business needs. We get it. We're here to help with custom tailored software!

Cutting Edge Project Management

Project management with a strong focus on technology means EFFICIENT WORK and EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION

Efficient Work Environment
The right tools are critical to an efficient work environment. Leveraging the latest project management tools allows us to quickly find the information we need to keep your project on track with deadlines and milestones.

Effective Collaboration
Custom software means every detail is curated by you, our client, so it's crucial that we're able to work together on a daily basis to answer questions and ensure no detail falls through the cracks.

News & Articles

The world of software is constantly changing. It's critically important to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies and we want our clients to have access to the same important information. This is why we write original content to help share our knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of software engineering.

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