Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Software

by Hilary Kanuch
Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Software

One size fits all might be a great choice when it comes to your company grab bag, but not when it comes to the software you’re using. With the recent boom in independently owned business, there’s also been a rise in pre-fabricated software. And although that may work for companies that are still trying to figure out their vision, it’s not a sustainable long term plan for businesses that want to hit the ground running.   

At Pell Software, we believe in creating original, handcrafted software that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Custom software has a wide range of benefits for both companies and their users. Unlike the box you grab off the shelf at your local computer store, custom software grows and changes with your business—leaving you more time to focus on what really matters, instead of making updates.   

Take a look below at the top five reasons to use custom software:  

  1. It’s built to suit your exact needs— When having custom software built for your business, the biggest advantage is that its built to do exactly what you need it to do. An experienced software developer will assess the needs of your business and the goal of the software, to produce something that increases efficiency and creates a positive user experience. As the software is being built, the business is able to test the functions of the software to ensure it is the right choice. The result is an unparalleled product that quite simply, can’t be bought from a shelf.
  2. It’s a great long term investment— One of the reasons that can stop businesses from using custom software is the upfront price. And although it’s true, it does cost more to build custom software initially, it should actually equal out in price or potentially even cost less in the long run. Considering that its unlikely the off-the-shelf software will do everything you need it to, the cost of purchasing additional hardware, licenses, and labor for modifications can cost significantly more in the end. 
  3. There’s room for growth— One of the main hopes of starting a business is that one day, the business will grow—and keep growing. When it comes to pre-built software, not only are you limited in terms of what you can do but you’re also limited in how quickly you can scale. As a company grows and changes, custom software is able to adapt to meet those needs.   
  4. Not as many restrictions— Small businesses are being created and growing faster than ever. However, with so many different kinds of companies starting to emerge, it’s almost impossible for pre-programmed software to accommodate these needs. Even more importantly, many of the restrictions of this pre-programmed software doesn’t allow for custom modifications, which can cost the company additional time and resources every time you need to switch software programs. Custom software has the ability to evolve—so that you can too. 
  5. Additional security— Since traditional, off-the-shelf software is available to almost anyone, that also makes it additionally vulnerable to outside threats. Depending on how quickly your company grows and how successful it becomes, this could mean additional threats to your business. With custom software, there is an increased layer of protection because the software is only used internally. 

The software engineers at Pell Software are experienced in creating custom software, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Our goal is to find the place where web development meets the user experience, and use that as a starting point for how to build something that works for you and your customers. Interested in learning more about how Pell Software can create a customized user experience for you? Send us an email at,

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