What We Do

Our past projects & some of the technologies we use...

Custom Business Portals

Graphic of gears and tools

Your business needs a centralized location to complete all of your daily tasks. We build custom web portals to manage daily operations, generate reports, expose and consume data, integrate your systems, and much more! Stop fighting your big-box solutions that don't fit your business, it's time to consolidate your work into a single custom web-based platform designed specifically for your business!

  • Centralized Workflows: Stop using a bunch of different apps that don't get the job done, build your own and work more efficiently

  • Seamless Data Integration: In today's modern age there's no need to manually copy data. Perform work in your custom portal and see it reflected across all of your systems immediately!

  • Custom Operations: Your business is unique, so should be your software. Build custom workflows, tasks, screens, pages and reports to better manage your daily operations.

Systems Integrations

Graphic of cloud data sync between SharpSpring and MINDBODY Online cloud systems Graphic of PayPal and BrainTree logos

Sometimes the most important applications aren't seen at all! We're experts in systems integrations and whether that means migrating data from one system to another via an API or integrating a payment gateway solution with your current software we have the experience to get the job done the right way. We take great pride in ensuring your data is safe and that the solution runs on time with the proper fail safes in place to make sure all edge cases are accounted for.

  • Data Integration: Decades of experience building systems integrations means we have a keen eye for detail and deliver reliable solutions

  • Web APIs: We are experts in the standards & best practices of building secure & stable web based API integrations

  • Payment Gateways: More than 20 years of combined eCommerce software development experience

  • 3PL Integration: Extensive experience working with eCommerce and order management platforms allows us to work efficiently and account for potential issues before they occur

Custom Software Applications

Custom software as a service application built by Pell Software

Custom enterprise software applications are designed specifically for you and your team to run efficiently and manage effectively. From desktop to web and mobile, custom software makes it easy to track your business operations from any device and from any location in the world.

  • Efficient Workflow: Your daily operations are unique and your software should be too

  • Cross Platform: We are experts in everything from desktop to web and mobile applications

  • Accessibility: Availability on any device with a browser & an internet connection means you always have access

Windows Desktop Software

Desktop monitor showing custom QuickBooks data sync application built by Pell Software for Windows 10

When speed and security are top priorities nothing matches the tried and true approach of a robust Windows desktop application. Full control over the user interface, stable code running locally on your private PC and secure access to your local network and any data you store on it; these are the types of key advantages of a Windows desktop application.

  • Secure Data Access: Secure access to any local or network based application data

  • Unrestricted User Interface: No limits to the design or layout of your application

  • Fast & Efficient: Utilizing your PC's local resources means applications run fast & smooth

  • Stability: Independence from internet connections & web servers means your app is always available

Progressive Web Applications

Phone showing Progressive Web Application developed by Pell Software Phone showing Progressive Web Application developed by Pell Software

Progressive Web Applications are truly a game changer when it comes to building responsive, offline capable applications. The old days of building and maintaining separate applications for iOS, Android, web browsers and desktop environments are long gone! PWAs are fully responsive, offline capable applications built for all devices. They have all the same capabilities that your standard Android or iOS application has with none of the downsides related to distribution and versioning.

  • Cross Platform: One application to run on all devices: Android, iOS, Desktop, Tablet, etc.

  • Connectivity Independence: No internet? No problem! PWAs maintain full functionality when offline

  • Full Native App Functionality: Push notifications. App drawers. Self updates. All of this is possible with PWAs

  • Native App Interface: The end user experience of a PWA is virtually indistinguishable from a native app

Website Creation & Design

Desktop monitor showing website custom creation and design by Pell Software

The days of business cards and paper marketing are long gone, your business needs a modern and professional online presence and our team can deliver! There's no better way tell your story and sell your brand than your website and our team of expert designers and content writers will get it done for you.

  • Web Design: Unique, modern and attention grabbing web design helps you stand out against the competition

  • WordPress: Our WordPress team is second to none when it comes to designing, customizing and maintaining any and all WordPress sites

  • Content Writing: Search engines are constantly looking for new, unique content and our writers can help you build original articles to draw organic traffic to your site