QR Code Equipment Data Portal

QR Code Equipment Data Portal

Project Description

A custom web application that stores data for machinery and allows the team to then print out QR codes that can be placed on each machine. Each QR code stores data regarding the related piece of equipment, such as serial numbers, warranty information, part numbers and more. The team stores this data within the web application and prints a QR code sticker for each piece of equipment. Then, they place that sticker onto the interior of the equipment where the customer and driver can easily check it to find critical information regarding the broom; such as model numbers, engine part numbers, and more.

Major Features

  • Editable pages that store information about each piece of machinery such as Serial Numbers, Part Numbers and Warranty Information.
  • Custom feature that generates unique QR codes for each piece of equipment that can be scanned by any mobile device.
  • Each QR code generates a static web page that displays the information from the portal for each piece of machinery.

Project Details

Client: Superior BroomSB Manufacturing is located in Wichita, Kansas, and was established in 2002 as a quality manufacturer of self-propelled road brooms, construction, maintenance sweepers and commercial street sweepers.
DateWe started working with Superior Broom in September of 2022 and the project was completed at the end of October, 2022.
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