Edge CRM / QuickBooks Online Integration

Edge CRM / QuickBooks Online Integration

Project Description

We designed and built a custom QuickBooks Online integration with our clients’ custom web based CRM system and their clients’ QuickBooks Online accounts. The integration allows users to sync Invoice, Customer and Item data between their systems to reduce manual data entry and increase efficiency.

Major Features

  • Custom integration to accept data from Edge CRM, format, query, and send this data into QuickBooks Online via the OAuth2.0 API
  • Pulls and queries QuickBooks Online for existing account data to ensure accuracy and data integrity between the two systems.

Project Details

Client: Eased Edge Eased Edge is a custom SaaS CRM platform for countertop manufacturers and installation companies to manage their inventory and customer relationships. They build cutting edge web based software specifically for companies in the countertop industry to fit their exact needs.
DateThis project was completed in Q4 of 2020
Keywords & TechnologySystems integration, MYSQL, PHP, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Integration, OAuth 2.0, REST API, SOAP API